Sorry, this item is sold

the Good:
- frame mostly solid
- newer rear cross member
- foot wells solid
- drives good, easy starter, shifts good, brakes work properly
- almost new tires
- front seats decent, headliner sagging a little
- newer Puma rear door

The Bad:
- big dent in passenger side rear quarter
- little dents and scratches all over
- some corrosion on different doors (door frames good)
- small hole in one outrigger, easy fix.

car has done almost 300 K miles and no history is known.
We haven't done anything yet to this car, expect all kind of little things to be fixed.

Comes from Spain.

good base for somebody who can and wants to work on it and turns is with not to much effort and investments in a daily driver.
good base for full restoration

If you want a cheap Defender but can not work in it yourself, please look at one of my other cars. This is not the one for you.

Price includes delivery to the East Coast.