Sorry, this item is sold

ETA Miching October 2020

this is a project !

I had to buy this car unseen and it ended up not being wat the seller told me.

The good:
- engine starts easy, no smoke and runs nice
- transmission fine
- brakes ok
- interior decent but not great, look at pictures
- many receipts for repairs and maintenance
- frame solid but welded on different places. One spot not nice although it looks solid

The bad:
- brush painted body, really bad and ugly
- some rust on door frames. aluminum corrosion on door frames
- foot wells repaired, not nice.
- play on steering
- play on rear diff.
- MPH odometer, not original. No clue about real mileage.

if you fix the play on the rear diff, it can be an easy daily driver but man.. this car is ugly.
you also should be prepared to more repairs. Didn't check the lights, door locks and al those little items.

ANR wheels on the first pictures are not included