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Very UNIQUE, original factory Camel Land Rover 90. Not one which was used in The Camel Trophy but one of the very few which were sold as special edition

More and more difficult to find original Land Rovers in Europe. Most of them have the engine replaced, new (quite often ugly) paint, seats or other so called upgrades and all kind of accessories have been added. I like them most just like they come from the factory, totally standard. Recently I came across this original Camel Trophy edition and 100% original, nothing spoiled, nothing added, just the same as 31 years ago.

During the early years (as far as I know only in 1983 and in 1985) of the Camel Trophy, Land Rover also had a limited Camel edition in their deliver program. Raised air intake, double spare, bull bar and extra lights where standard and of course the special Camel color with black striping. Don’t think they sold a lot because you hardly see them.

The one here for sale is one of these though. It was sold new in 1985 in The Netherlands and that is where I found it. It has the non-turbo diesel engine. This car is not one of the real Came Trophy cars as it never participated in that event.

The car is in really good shape, all original and a very nice driver. Has an overhauled engine and transmission which you can tell when driving. One of the better driving NA diesels.

The Good:
- Frame, very good, all solid, no rust, newer rear cross member.
- Body, original paint, nice patina. Hardly any aluminum corrosion, one small dent above LH wheel arch. Some scratches left and right as you might expect from a 30 year old car
- Bulkhead, corners under window no rust, never welded.
- Engine, easy starter, hardly smokes. Overhauled in 2013 as said by previous owner. No paper work to back this up but it runs so nice that I have no reason not to believe this.
- Transmission, easy shifting no weird noises. Replaced in 2014, also no papers to proof but no reason to doubt either.
- Interior, nice original seats, inward faces benches in the back
- Headliner ok, needs to be cleaned and can use some new plugs.
- Brakes, suspension all fine.
- Power steering working fine.
- Tires BF Goodrich Mud Terain, 90%
- Brand new exhaust will be installed this week.
- Odometer shows 238 K km’s which is appr 150 K miles, the Dutch equivalent of Carfax shows this is most likely correct. (they never give a 100% guarantee)
- Radio-CD player

The Bad:
- Both foot wells repaired, solid but not a really nice job
- All door frames have some rust. I have seen better, I have seen worse. Only the bottom rail though and if you have a welder not a big job to replace.
- Wheels.. hmmmm, I don’t like them. Alloy but they have some oxidation.
- Some surface rust on bull bar
- No mats or tunnel cover
- Both spares on normal steel wheels but also smaller size.
- No seat belts in the back (didn’t exist back then)

This car is located in The Netherlands and as I am not shipping it in the near future, I am offering it from there.

Price includes transport to the east coast. Also includes all the documents you need to obtain a title in your state. Doesn’t include import duties and fees which are probably around $ 500 or so. Also doesn’t include inland transport. I will help you and quide you through the import process, so no worries there.