Sorry, this item is sold

drive as-is, restauration or great trail rig !

the Good

- VIN ok
- frame good except rear cross member
- FULL safety cage, internal/external all the way to the frame. This normally costs around $ 10 K including installation
- 200 Tdi engine runs ok
- newer tires and rims
- interior 6 out of 10

the Bad:
- rust on rear cross member, needs replacement
- no body panel without a dent.
- rust on bulkhead
- all doors rusty, beyond repair
- rust on body cappings
- power steering not working
- grinding 3rd gear

Ideal car for full restauration or driver for somebody with limited budget. Except the power steering there is nothing that needs repair to drive it as - is.

Also nice for the trails, there is not much you can damage and has a full roll cage !

price included delivery to port on East Coast, I help and guide you through the import proces.
Count on appr $ 500-700 on import duties and fees.