Sorry, this item is sold

11-24 Update, car is almost ready, last details are being finished now.The good:
- Perfect frame, NO rust, NO surface rust, nothing. Never welded.
- Bulkhead, perfect, no rust on foot wells, no rust under window.
- New PUMA front doors and (used) Puma back doors.
- New Boost wheels with new spacers
- New continental tires
- Very professional paint job, car painted in- and outside in Corris gray with a Sanatori black roof. Many bodypanels where painted separate.
- New Puma front seats, partly leather
- New Puma rear seats, partly leather
- New seat belts, front and rear
- New Rhino bed liner
- New hood and hood sticks
- New LED lights
- Warn winch with winch bumper
- New Exmoor carpets
- New Lasalle Headliner with stereo and speakers installed.
- Back up camera
- Stainless steel bolts for door hinges
- Allisport intercooler

Good to know:
This is not a full body off, nut and bold restauration. The car is very low milage and I left the driveline untouched. Everything is working as it should work. The engine side of the bulkhead, just like the area behind the dashboard is not painted and you will see some army green here and there.

Asking price $ 82,500

7-30 Update. Car is at paint shop, will be painted inside and out. Grey with a black roof. Ready from the shop on August 20, then need some weeks to finish it.

Not for sale right now. Original Buyer reconfirmed to buy it after the first time he backed out. However now, 6 weeks later he does not even the politeness to answers emails. Active Defendersource member, looks like a daily visitor and poster. Very disappointed in him.

However, I take it of the market and convert it to crew cab, which is actually done by now (4th of July) wating for a professional paint job.

Conversion includes new Puma front doors, Puma rear dooes, 2013 load bed, Puma half leather seats, new LaSalle headliner and more.

back up for sale. Had everything ready for the buyer but he came up with many excuses.

For an additional $ 6000 it comes with all the main components to convert this to a double cab.
B-C pillar
Puma rear doors,
roof section
load area

I have never seen another, original factory LHD 127 from the eighties. Only in the 90's these came up for sale for the public and became a kind of popular in the late nineties.

This car is an ex NL-MOD car. Was used as a proto type for a tender for ambulances which was finally won by Mercedes.
It was released in 2004 and bought by somebody who converted it to a camper. I bought it from the first civilian owner.

The good:
- very good frame, as new, never welded
- paint job, although color is....unique..., is very professional !!
- body all straight, no dents
- only 50K miles, believed to be original, no proof though.
- interior nice. New headliner in cab.
- back up camera

The bad:
- nothing ??

Car was imported with its original 2.5 TD engine. In US a 300Tdi with R380 gearbox is installed.

update 8-28-2016, car is converted to crew cab:
- body painted in Corris grey , roof, wingtops and wheel arches in Santorini black. Both metallic and original Land Rover colors as used on for instance the Autobiography version of the Defender.
- a lot of body panels are painted before assembly, so also the interior, inside of the doors, floor, seatbase, foot wells are all Corris grey.
- New Puma front doors and Puma rear doors (not new but very good condition).
- Puma front seats and rear seats, 40/60. XS version so partly leather
- New Boost wheels with new tires
- New door rubbers all around.
- Paint job is really professional, as it should, I paid more then $ 8 K for it... No overspray, painted with the windscreen taken out, many parts disassembled also the load bed. So between the cab and the load bed it also has the Corris grey, although nobody well ever see this.
- New LED lights
- New Exmoor carpets
- New cuby box
- new head liner with radio and speakers

About the car itself:
- exceptional good frame, no rust, no welding
- low miles
- 300Tdi and R380 installed after import.
- more details in previous listings

Finishing now the last details, like connecting all the electrics, finishing the interior and so. Car will be ready in October, not that it is so much work, just don't have the time to work on it in the next 5 weeks.

Price... I haven't figured out all the cost yet but it is not going to be cheap.